Photo Gallery

Donation to Salvation Army

Account Manager Paul Anderson Continues to Give Back

Account Manager Paul Anderson donates clothes, towels and a queen bedspread to the Modesto Salvation Army. We love that he has such a giving spirit. 

Photo showing multiple layers of flooring that has been damaged by water

Multiple Layers of Flooring with Water Damage

This photo shows the exposure of the second layer of flooring that needs to be addressed. Flooding in this home occurred due to a storm in the local area. The floor was damaged by the flooding. The carpet was lifted to find linoleum flooring. Below the linoleum flooring is concrete. Both the carpet and linoleum need to be lifted up to ensure drying of the concrete before replacing the carpet. 

Technician bending down showcasing flooring

SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto and Documentation

This photo shows a SERVPRO technician documenting carpet delamination after flooding from a local storm. If the carpet is damaged to the point it is delaminating it has to be replaced. The technician will remove the flooring, clean and dry the area, and the carpet will be replaced.

bathroom that has smoke damage

Bathroom Suffers from Smoke Damage

This smoke damaged bathroom is the result of a house fire. Our SERVPRO of Modesto and Manteca team arrived on the scene to assess the need of the client and resolved all of their needs with complete cleanup and restoration of the home. 

master bedroom with furniture burned

Master Bedroom Fire

A fire can start easily and for many reasons, despite the source. A fire can take out a whole room in a blink of an eye. This master bedroom suffered fire and extensive smoke damage. SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto restored this home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO van and vehicles parked

Beautiful day at SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto

A beautiful winter day at SERVPRO of Modesto and Manteca. One of our vans is pulling into its parking space as the day closes out. Here is to another sunny and productive day! 

A wall contained and sealed off

Wall Containment for Water Loss

SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto put a containment along the walls to isolate the area of this commercial building that suffered a water loss. Using hot dry air from a dehumidifier to dry the affected area, a job well done to the team.

Man in Personal Protective Equipment

SERVPRO of Modesto and Manteca Staff Taking Safety Precautions

At SERVPRO of Modesto and Manteca we take safety very seriously. This technician is in the process of donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as a precaution to proceed with a potentially hazardous cleaning service. His safety glasses will be installed next.

Commercial Facility Clean Up by SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto

Water and Oil Clean Up

A large commercial facility had a water loss in Lathrop, CA. A pipe broke and water spread throughout the facility. SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto's highly trained team arrived on-site to clean the facility.

SERVPRO van parked outside of a winery in Angels Camp, CA

SERVPRO van arriving at the site of a water loss at a winery in Angels Camp, CA

Beautiful day at this gorgeous winery in Angels Camp, CA. Water mitigation was needed, and our team arrived quickly and resolved the issue at hand. With water loss, it is imperative our team shows up as quickly as possible in order to minimize damage. Good job team!

photo of SERVPRO vehicles outside of a residential area

The SERVPRO CRC team comes out to help

Teamwork at its finest. No job is too small for us, we partner up together with other SERVPRO franchises when it is needed. SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville's team helped our team with this project. We love to work together on projects like this.

Servpro trucks outside of a warehouse

SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto is on the job.

SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto arrived at this commercial site quickly. Our highly trained staff is equipped to handle water or fire damage in any commercial crisis, no matter what size. 

Staff together having a discussion in a building near a SERVPRO truck

Safety meeting with staff

Safety always is a priority at SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto.  We never stop learning. Rob Carpenter, the Owner, is seen here educating our team at the site of 30k sq ft commercial loss.

Cement floor and a wall that is gutted from mold

Mold Damage Resolved

Mold damage was caused by a partial pipe burst from a water heater leak in Ripon, CA home.  To address the issue SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto completed standard IICRC S520 protocols.  Staff contained the area, placed the area under negative air pressure, removed the affected materials and called an IEP for clearance.

This was great work for the team.  The customer gave the team a 5-star review. 

Water heater on a stand with mold surrounding the base of the water heater and he walls

Water Heater Leak

The water heater was leaking and was not visible until the pipe partially burst. The damage was found along the wall, the floors, and surrounding the base of the water heater. 

SERVPRO of Manteca and Modesto's staff acted quick and rid the area of any damage or mold. 

Drying Wood Subfloor

The water source in this job was the sink. After removing the carpet and padding in the bedroom the subfloor was wet. To dry the subfloor we used air movers and dehumidifiers.

Laminate Flooring

Water damage can happen at any time this one was caused by a refrigerator water supply line that leaked. Which caused the laminate floor to become wet and needed to be removed.

Leak in Roof

SERVPRO of Manteca was able to get the home dried down and the insured was able to continue staying in the premises. Call us the next time your in a stormy situation! Our IICRC certified (and really friendly!) technicians are available to help you out 24/7. Call us today at 209-823-8877

Containment of Hardwood Floors

During a winter storm the balcony flooded, in which water came underneath the door wetting the hardwood floor. SERVPRO of Manteca put a containment on the hardwood floor using the hot dry air from a dehumidifier.

Storm Water in Air Ducts

Heavy rain and wind breached the air ducts of a home in Manteca last winter. The customer noticed water dripping from the ceiling. Which caused major damage to the ceiling and needed to be dried.

Floor Mat Drying

A heavy storm came through Manteca this winter season and caused some damage to the hard wood floor. We used special drying equipment for the hard wood such as floor mats , dehumidifiers, and air movers.  

Smokey Hall

As shown in the picture, smoke can leave a residue on the ceiling that stains the dry wall. It first had to be clean before it could be painted and the entire door had to replaced.

Burnt Bedroom

The source of this damage was a candle fire that originated in this bedroom. The heat of the fire was so intense and the damage was so severe that room had to be gutted out down to the studs.

Injecting Cabinets with Air

This photo shows the cabinets being injecting with air by our equipment which this allows us to save the cabinets instead of having to tear out the cabinets and the countertops.

Fire Damage

Fireplace ashes can be a dangerous thing! How often have we cleaned out our fireplace, knowing the ashes are cold, and left the bag sitting outside ready to be thrown away.

In this case, the bag of "cold" ashes was forgotten and left inside the residence next to the wood burning stove.

Fast forward a week when the insured returned to their cabin only to find a fire that had burned and then gone out. Incredibly Lucky!

Some fires can smolder and produce so much smoke that it will actually get behind the drywall. In severe cases SERVPRO of Manteca will need to remove all of the drywall and clean the wall cavities to eliminate the smoke odor prior to rebuilding the home.

Hardwood Drying Equipment

SERVPRO of Manteca uses the current up to date equipment in the industry to dry down water damaged structures. Checkout our new hardwood floor drying mats, we can save floors even quicker then before!

Commercial Cleaning

Small or large, empty or occupied, SERVPRO of Manteca can clean, dry out, remove mold or cleanup after a fire or smoke loss.

Call SERVPRO of Manteca 209-823-8877

Brand New Home? Water Damage?

SERVPRO of Manteca specializes in post construction cleanup and in some cases post construction dryouts. We recently were called out by a building contractor to help locate the source of a water loss in a brand new home in Manteca, California. Our technicians discovered a defective dishwasher hose line was causing a slow leak in the homeowners kitchen.

Call us 24/7 for your next emergency! 209-823-8877

Post Construction Clean Up

SERVPRO of Manteca specializes in post construction cleanup and in some cases post construction dry outs. We recently were called out by a building contractor to help locate the source of a water loss in a brand new home in Manteca, California. Our technicians discovered a defective dishwasher hose line was causing a slow leak in the homeowners kitchen.

Call us 24/7 for your next emergency! 209-823-8877

Mold Removal Requires Specialized Equipment

Removing mold and mold spores from a home or business requires specialized equipment. Mold spores are invisible and can pass right through a regular vacuum cleaner. At SERVPRO of Manteca 209-823-8877 we use HEPA filtered vacuums which trap mold spores resulting in a clean building ready to re-occupy!

Crawlspaces and Mold

If your home has a crawlspace it can be affected by water intrusion and possible mold. In winter months heavy rains can bring excessive ground water under your home. If left for long periods of time, the excess humidity can create ideal conditions for mold to grow. You should inspect your crawlspace regularly and if you notice any odors or extra moisture call SERVPRO of Manteca at 209-823-8877

Mold Growth

Mold can begin growing within a few days of a water loss, as long as the structure stays wet it can continue to spread. When a roof leak occurs and the ceiling drywall gets wet, mold can grow from the top down then appear on the ceiling below. Call SERVPRO of Manteca the next time you see mold on your ceilings

Mold Remediation

Even in the dry climate of the valley, mold can be a problem. When not found and taken care of quickly it can pose a health problem for your family.  We are equipped to handle your mold problems.


This type of equipment will help with water damages.  It draws moisture out of structure (furniture, walls, carpet, flooring, etc.).  We have plenty to meet the needs for a big job.

Specialized Equipment

We have enough equipment for all kinds of jobs no matter the size. Jobs include fire, smoke, water, sewage, and mold. In the picture above we are showing different types of air movers that help us accomplish the job. We have even more specialized equipment than what is shown above.   

Water Damage

Water can go anywhere! Not only can walls, flooring, and ceilings be affected by water but as you see from this picture above water can get into your air ducts.  

Kitchen Fire

The kitchen fire started from grease.  It extended into other rooms.  We cleaned all the walls and ceilings, cabinets inside and out including the contents in the cabinets and throughout the house.